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Drone Services

Soar to new heights with our professional drone services. Our skilled pilots and state-of-the-art drones capture breathtaking aerial footage that adds a unique perspective to your projects. Whether it's stunning landscape shots, captivating real estate visuals, or dynamic event coverage, our drone services provide unparalleled views that elevate your content. From cinematic storytelling to enhancing marketing campaigns, we take your vision to new heights with high-quality aerial footage.

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Real Estate Drone Services

Showcase your property from a whole new perspective with our drone videography services for real estate. Capture stunning aerial views of homes, buildings, and landscapes to highlight their unique features and attract potential buyers or renters.

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Event Coverage Drone Services

Add excitement and a fresh perspective to your events with our drone videography services. From weddings and concerts to sporting events and corporate gatherings, we capture the energy and atmosphere from above, providing a unique and memorable visual experience.

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Aerial Drone Services

Our drone videography services capture stunning aerial footage that brings a cinematic quality to your projects. From sweeping panoramic shots to dynamic tracking shots, we create visually captivating videos that leave a lasting impression.

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Surveying & Mapping Drone Services

Utilize drone technology for accurate surveying and mapping of land, construction sites, and infrastructure projects, providing valuable data and insights.

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Our Clients

''Viral Media is an incredible team. They continually push the boundaries of what is possible for our digital campaigns. The limit does not exist with their creativity on the KASH Beauty website and the content of graphics and videos. Looking forward to what the partnership between Kash Beauty and Viral Media will create in the future. Would highly recommend them to any company looking to truly develop its digital presence.''

Alex Cribbin

Operations Manager | KASH Beauty

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